Assignment: Invent a new word and define it. Let it replace a feeling, action, or idea that you believe the world needs, yet you have found no other way of expressing it.

Mausothymia (n.):

From from Greek Mausōleion, from Mausōlos, tomb of king of Karia in 4th century BC; and Latin -thymia, state or condition of mind.

Literal: emotional tomb.

Physical sensations localized behind the collar bone, radiating upward and downward through the body, leading to pervasive bodily numbness and low-grade paralysis and causing overall sadness of mood.  Primary genesis is within subtle body. It is simultaneously light and heavy.  Energetically it appears as a cloud, gray, dark, and thick, but nearly weightless, totaling in mass of 0.025 grams.  If examined through the tactile channels, it presses back against ones palm, offering resistance as if wading through water, but is gaseous, not liquid. It is murky but has a dull glow.  Heavy smoke.  That is how it looks and feels.  It spreads down to the stomach with a feeling that can only be defined as dread.  It is akin to a muscular aching.  It is a substance which is wrapped around something more internal; it is not the core or essence of the feeling, but an ancillary experience that can only be felt in relation to the core.  It is accompanied by often painful visual flashbacks of past closeness, intimacy, friendship, relationship, projected widely across the interior of the forehead.  It hurts, it is a heavy paining feeling that paradoxically sinks and expands simultaneously in the chest cavity, radiating up toward the throat, generating associated tingling anxiety and clenching in the gut and weakness spreading throughout the extremities with particular lack of muscle tone in the wrists and hands.  Often accompanied by changes in appetite, fatigue, hyersomnia or insomnia, and hypervigilance.  Prognosis is generally short lived. Symptoms may arise in response to stimulus that reminds sufferer of loss, which is every single [fucking] thing (i.e.: “Oh, it’s February 2nd.  That’s my anniversary with XYZ except we are not together.”  “Oh, it’s the Super Bowl; we watched the game together last year.” “Oh, a potato; XYZ didn’t eat carbs for a week once.” “Oh, US Weekly came in the mail.  XYZ lived in the US.””Oh, it’s nighttime. XYZ slept at night.” Etc.). Symptoms retreat into remission periodically but flare up over course of three to twelve months after the trauma is incurred, or at times longer, depending on etiological impact.  There is no cure for mysoleum other than time, but symptoms can be ameliorated through gentle stretching, psychotherapy, female companionship, and chocolate.


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