Dead orchids

Aha! I have discovered the drain on my wealth.

Years ago a friend gave me a beautiful orchid plant – a gift from a suitor in whom she had no interest which I adored and she thus passed it on to me. It was in a bold, carved white pot, stood over two feet tall and had absolutely gorgeous white and purple blossoms. I kept it alive miraculously for months. Then I moved and unsurprisingly within a week or so of the stress of being part of my hectic caravan, the flowers wilted and died. I loved the pot though, and the leaves were still alive. I found artificial orchids at a local craft shop and basically pinned the flowers to the vine and set it on my dresser in the corner across from my door. Aesthetically pleasing (despite it sounding like a bowl of plastic fruit), I thought nothing of the fact that I had stopped watering the leaves and it had essentially become a calcified skeleton. Now, in teaching myself about feng shui, my new jam, i was informed that this is actually my wealth corner. I had recently just put a new bamboo plant next to the skeleton and – coincidence? – some financial gains have been seen since. But the core of my financial life is at times much like this fake plant, aesthetically pleasing on the surface but rotting on the inside! Plus, how can I overlook the fact that it’s sloppy seconds? Out we go!



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