I have a perfect work, in a perfect way;
I give a perfect service, for perfect pay.
-Florence Shinn

Money. What an interesting energy. It’s sharp and elusive but when it’s your friend, it’s your best friend, and it hooks you up with all the right people, places and things.

Abundance and wealth are energies, relationships you can form. Prosperity is meant to flow. Paradoxically, hanging on to every cent plugs it up. People can be miserly with great financial backing and they will not live in the flow of abundance.

Relating with wealth is a peculiar balance of faith and action. Your employer, your clients, they are not your source. Play with this idea: the divine is your source from which all abundance flows. Once you reorient your understanding of that which is supporting you, you have a new boss to negotiate with.

A boss who wants to give you everything you can imagine.

Therein lies the key. What you receive is a reflection of the worth you believe in your heart. The divine loves you so unconditionally and provides for you so unconditionally that it is willing to even give you lack if that’s what you believe you deserve.

I sometimes struggle with the flow of money in my life – by flow I mean balance between the “things” and resources I desire and the input, or what I have available. But we must stop and think. Abundance is the goal, not money. Abundance is not financial, it is situational. It can come in many forms- not just monetary flow, but in opportunities, gains beyond the pure financial realm. When I start to fall into a mindset of lack, of wanting, I look at where my mind has drifted. Are all my needs being met in this moment? Yes? Okay then.  I am comfortable, I am provided for fully. As new needs arise, those which are rightfully mine will manifest, and the opportunity for them will manifest.

This is the key attitude to adopt when finding peace with prosperity. Know that your needs will be met. And know that that which is rightfully yours has always been yours, will always be yours, and will arise in your reality in divine timing.

An example I can provide, is that I spent $255 toward a course which I later decided was not for me. However, I could not receive a refund for this. After a brief period of frustration, I took recluse in my humble little homemade altar and set the intention: “With the divine as my source of abundance, the $255 that is rightfully mine returns to me.”

I sort of forgot about it, as one should with all intentions left to manifest; I allowed my intention to drift into the ethers.

Within three days, I had drawn $250 to me through various (and VERY unexpected means).

I was bothered by the last $5. How could I take this as a sign that the universe was actually listening to me? Because in the end, that is the security I seek – not financial, but spiritual.

Then, on the morning of day four, I reloaded my Starbucks card with $5 and ordered my usual grande ice coffee. That morning as well, I had listened to a talk by Bashar emphasizing how abundance comes in many forms, not just money. The barista told me he had seen me on the train that morning, and we had a little chat. Then he didn’t charge me for my coffee. So that was $2.89.

$1.11. A most auspicious number to me. I take it as a sign that my hand is being held. And I’m sure it has showed up since, many times over.


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