Ask. Constantly ask to be led toward your highest inspiration.  Move toward your joy. And when you are unsure, ask for guidance.

A good meditation for mental clarity is to chant, “Sat Nam” (“I am Truth”) while sitting in an easy pose with your elbows drawn close to your body and your hands cupped in front of your chest.  This is a Kundalini meditation and it clears the meridians that link to the ego.  As you chant imagine a pool of water filled with blessings flowing through the cup and washing over your heart.  Count the blessings. Even challenges are blessings. Every experience is a blessing when you honor it.  This meditation helps to clear the ego’s hold to the past and will bring you to the present.

And listen to where you are pulled by your heart. How do you know if it’s higher guidance leading you? That is in your intention.  If you are intending to be fooled, rest assured, you will be fooled. This is why, as we seek higher guidance from ourselves, we must free ourselves from preconceived notions of what is “right” or “good” or what we desire, and ask simply to be shown truth.

It’s admittedly terrifying to let go of the part of the mind that believes it’s in the command center.  But fear is to be embraced. It’s only when we FEAR fear, that it gets in our way. So embrace that fear and move boldly through it. I promise, when you come out on the other side, the peace of truth will surpass any notion you initially exalted.


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