illusion of time

So here’s what’s really going on. At least I think.

Everything is already divinely planned. But there is an illusion of time in 3D reality.

When you have intuition, that’s not seeing your future.  It’s your “future” self bending time and co-existing with you in the present, visiting you, its spiritual infant self, and whispering in your ear.

This is what we call the higher self. It is you, coming back to you.

When you catch up with your “higher self” your presence becomes starkly awakened. This is a new level of consciousness: 5D.

You’re here as a soul, to guide other souls; your soul is eternal; your soul reaches for you; when you are aligned you hear it.

How to be aligned….. more to come on that.

As a side note:

By the way – the illusion of time is the root of all suffering. Well maybe not all. But there’s something to it. I’m still working it out.

Think of the role your concept of “time” plays every time you face discomfort.  Once you eliminate it as a factor, and recognize timelessness and infinite possibility, you are free.



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