ascension symptoms

If you’re reading this, you’re likely undergoing a similar process to what I’ve been experiencing: spiritual ascension.

Maybe you’ve been drawn to spirituality and spiritual teachings for years, practicing yoga and meditation, and suddenly you notice your body going haywire.

You’re not alone.

A third of the earth is waking up to 5 D consciousness.  I’ll post soon some more information on this, but for now, know that if you go to the doctor, you’re probably going to leave without any further insight into what is happening to you.  What is going on, is that your soul is evolving at such a rapid pace, that your body is simply having trouble keeping up. So, it’s actually slowing YOU down, by manifesting physical symptoms. Some are painful, some just make you think twice, and – yay – some are actually quite pleasant!

But most of them suck. So again, you’re not alone.  Some things you might be experiencing:

-Moments of utter bliss – if you practice yoga, this may be due to undulating movements of spinal fluid; it can be kind of orgasmic.

-Head or back of neck tingling or burning – your crown chakra opening, giving and receiving energy. A hat or scarf covering your head helps.

-Digestion – suddenly you are sensitive to the oddest things. You might find yourself going to the bathroom a LOT, or having stomach pains. A diet free of meat and most dairy is the most conducive to psychic awareness. You want to avoid hormones, which unfortunately most meat and dairy (even organic) from the USA contains. Do what you can. Once you cut out meat your psychic energy will start rapidly increasing. If you feel ungrounded, though, fleshy foods do help, because they slow the digestion and focus energy on lower chakras. In general, you need a lot of protein to stay grounded during the ascension process.

-Foot cramps – this is old energy leaving the body.

-Immense pressure in the head or on third eye – more crown chakra activity. This is what I’ve been struggling with lately, more than anything.

-Emotional rollercoaster – welcome to the empathic way! What’s important to remember is you’re not just processing your own emotional energy. You are also processing the energy you absorb from those around you, and those you are corded to.  Mood swings are common. Just be aware that not everything you’re feeling is yours. You are processing the energy from the collective consciousness, not just reacting to the environment around you. I will write more soon on ways to conserve your own energy and separate from others. It’s a good idea, before bed, to hold your left hand under your right and place them over your belly button, and visualize a shield growing around you of white light, while setting the intention to pull your energy back in toward yourself and release cords to others.

-Fatigue, feeling antisocial – again – this has to do with your energy levels being conserved.  When we are going through a spiritual awakening, we’re on our own; it’s us and God working together. So suddenly the party doesn’t seem so appealing.  It’s hard to relate to people who can’t relate to what you’re going through, who don’t have the same language to describe their experiences. Be gentle with yourself.

-Relationships ending suddenly: you are being cleared out. There’s more in store. Don’t grasp. Don’t blame yourself. Things are shifting and always in your favor.  Bear witness to the losses and watch them evolve you.

A lot of these symptoms may be misunderstood as forms of mental illness. As a mental health clinician myself I encourage you to seek therapeutic support but caution your adopting any diagnosis or label as it may simply not encompass the totality of what you are undergoing. I myself was misdiagnosed for years, and not until understanding the energetic sensitivity of my being have I been able to make lasting and drastic improvements in my life.  There are specific tools to help you as you integrate into higher consciousness, which I will write more about upcoming. I’ll also be launching spiritual coaching soon. The plans are in the works. For now, feel free to email me if you have questions about these issues. We’re all in this together!


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